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When you first download Fire Chat, the app doesn't let on that it has become a hub for pro-democracy protesters around the world.

Instead, the app suggests that you use it to share photos from concerts or music festivals.

What makes the app fascinating is that it doesn't require the internet for local chat, instead allowing people to connect via Bluetooth.

People can become disillusioned with their endless notifications, addicted to the buzz, or lose confidence if someone doesn’t respond. “You can find yourself meeting so many people within a short time and not have time to reflect on what you really want,” says one intermittent Tinder user.

“And you’re not always free to reply, so conversations can’t flow.” One thing is certain.

These networks work by chaining together devices, in this case with a Bluetooth connection.

Linking people together in this way means that it's impossible for a government to shut down the service, as it has no control over the hardware running it.

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