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But the fact that they are working in such a heavy industry, doesn’t mean that they are not very proud and do not have some nice sights, sweet smiles and wonderful sense of humor and wonderful sense of fashion, which is of course- a real advantage for the foreigners.

You should remember that as soon as you will meet a potential Ukrainian bride in Donetsk you should not forget to ask her to marry you in the “Park of the Bride”- which is a place where according to the legend people are finding their soul mates and are becoming happy.

I am very optimistic and cheerful person, I always try to see something positive in people and to help everybody, who can need my help. always straight forword to what i'm doing in life, what i mostly love inlovely caring young woman full of life and sence of humor.. II am a teacher, so it I very versatile personality.

The marital agencies in Donetsk are some wonderful place for starting searching a bride, or a life partner and soul mate.

Though Donetsk is a very beautiful city, the girls who live in it have a lot to offer to the foreigners, and at the same time the foreigners should bring those ladies to the equally beautiful places in order to keep them happy.

It is interesting the fact that Donetsk is the fifth city according to its dimensions, which is also a cultural and educational centre of the region.

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For the last few years there were a few marital agencies in Donetsk who were offering their services in the touristic field as well.

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