Funny nicknames for dating sites

So if you want more than just a one night stand, I’d advise against using any sexy lingo in your profile name. It doesn’t have to be super sophisticated, just silly or witty enough to generate a giggle in your future sweetheart.

Some great user names I’ve seen include: Mr Snrub, George Glass and Duke Silver, just to name a select few. On the one hand, using your real name means that you don’t have to think up a witty nickname.

They published their findings this week in the journal Evidence Based Medicine.

Before we get to the findings, some caveats: these are generalities. And maybe these tips will land you more first dates, but it’s unclear whether these are the kinds of first dates you want.

Trust me, a little bit of wit and originality will go a long way.

There are certain phrases that induce an automatic eye-roll when I read them in a dating profile.

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London wondered the same thing, so they analyzed previous research on attraction.

I am very unlikely to click on a profile named “Your name-in-a-box” or “Such-and-such-taco”.

“Playful screen names (eg, Fun2bwith) are universally attractive. According to the study, measures of success, such as educational attainment and income, are correlated with names that start with letters higher up in the alphabet.

Men are more attracted to screen names that indicate physical attractiveness (eg, Blondie, Cutie), whereas women are more attracted to screen names that indicate intelligence (eg, Cultured),” the authors write. Free suggestion: “Aaaaaaamazingly_attractive.” Some sites sort alphabetically, so your best bet is to start your username with letters in the first half, A through M.

It might seem like a small thing, but your profile name can actually have a big impact on who clicks on your dating profile. Your name should be interesting enough to draw in a potential match.

Choosing the wrong name could mean driving away potential matches. It doesn’t have to be entirely original or covered in metaphorical stardust but it should be the tiniest bit clever or witty.

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And while those micro-decisions seem unimportant, they add up and do matter, because you’re only as good as the profile you craft.

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  1. That way you can practice your social skills and get an even better woman when you’re out in the real world. Even then, I would wear a condom just in case, because you never know.

  2. In a study of online chats between couples, 80 percent of those with similar writing styles were still dating three months later, versus 54 percent of those with less similar writing styles.