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Sometimes, you may just find her being distant and aloof. She may appear sad and bored when she’s with you, and even keep her distance from you now and then.But shockingly, she may be normal or even happy around her friends!

And if you weren’t around her when she bumps into her ex, and she tells you about it over the phone, you may notice that she’s more excited and alive than she normally is.You don’t need to ask her if she still misses her ex *that would just make things weird*.And even if you do ask her something like that straight out, she’d deny it outright. Tell her that you believe she’s been distant for a while, and ask her if there’s something you could do to help her because her behavior is not helping the relationship, and it’s not helping you trust her blindly because you’re confused by her recent indifference.[Read: 15 signs you’re in a rebound relationship and don’t even know it!] If you believe your girlfriend is still smitten by her ex or is having second thoughts about getting back with him, talk about it with your girlfriend.

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[Read: The perfect way to get over trust issues in a relationship] But on a personal note, if your girlfriend is stuck in a shoddy love triangle inside her head, it’s not going to end well, at least for you!

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