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In spite of the millions of people here in the US who suffer with an eating disorder, the research into this disease is still too scarce.Registered Dietician Nicole Avila is our guest today talking about the mind/body disconnection that happens and often leads to a person's complicated relationship with food.Our guest Salena Hanrahan is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist here in California, and she is extremely patient with me as I try to really understand how acupuncture actually works.Salena Hanrahan describes herself as an Irish-Polish girl from the Southside of Chicago.You can also follow Smartest Person in the Room on Facebook and on Instagram.In this episode we are talking about acupuncture, the ancient Chinese medicine practice in which tiny needles are inserted into the skin to treat everything from pain to digestion to depression to fertility.

She has currently completed to date 3,510 credit hours of clinical practice and theory toward her professional doctorate and looks forward to completing the remaining five classes to earn this merit.

Her dream had always been to become a doctor, but after her first nutrition class she fell in love with preventative medicine and aspired to be a dietitian.

She went on to complete her masters in nutritional Science, and her dietetic internship, at California state university, Los Angeles.

Books mentioned in this episode: Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch Mark Zupan is known for a lot of things: his Gold Medal for rugby in the 2008 Paralympics.

The documentary Murderball that features his life and sport.

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