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1) k4, p to end 2) cast off 2, k to end 3) k4, p to end 4) k2tog, k to end 5) k4, p2tog, p to end Work 4 rows straight 10) K to last 5 sts, Inc in next St, k4. 12) Cast on 2 sts, k to end, (11sts) 13) K4, p to end 14) K Break yarn and rejoin to the other side of neck. Nanny Norths Version Materials;- Double knitting yarn (100g makes approximately 3 jumpers). I have just found this site while looking for some sort of chicken clothing.

Work to match, reversing shaping’s and ending at winghole edge. 2 buttons each jumper I pair No 8 (4mm) knitting needles 4mm crochet hook Jumper knitted in stocking stitch with garter stitch borders Cast on 41 sts. I have four bantams which i had been keeping seperatly- two in one house and two in another, letting them all out in the garden to socialise together.

It doesn't matter what colour yarn you use and they can even be stripey to use up oddments as well. If you have any difficulties with the patterns please don't hesitate to ask me and I will help you if I can. I'm quite a slow knitter - I think it comes from being self-taught.

The address to send the completed jumpers to is:-Little Hen Rescue The Stables Greenways Norwich NR15 1QL Little Hen Version Materials Double knitting yarn (100g makes approximately 3 jumpers) 2 buttons or 10cm Velcro 1 pair of number 8 (4mm) knitting needles 4mm crochet hook Knitted in stocking stitch with garter stitch borders Cast on 41 sts, Work 4 rows K Increase for tabs; Cast on 10 sts at beginning of next row, k14, p to last 4 sts, k4. My mom is right handed and I'm left handed, so I struggled to learn from her because it was all backwards and I had to find my own way of doing things.

I told one of the women at work and she thought I was joking - she looked at me like I was mad! My friend e-mailed the link to the site to her friend who retired recently and keeps moaning she needs a hobby.

Cast on 10 sts at beginning of next row, k14, p to last 14sts, k14. Mum-in-law had a terrific button box, only to be expected with six children. I have never been able to replicate it, maybe 'cos my old garments go to charity shops and the buttons go with them!

Work buttonholes; (work these 2 rows straight if using Velcro). Next row – cast off 10 sts, k4, p2 tog, p to last 6 sts, p2tog, k4. We had a lot of buttons because we used to make rag rugs and Mum used to make quilts as well so all the buttons had to be cut off.

Molly will have a card table there she did real well last year and made over a hundred pounds for them.

I will be makeing some cards for the Macmillan nurse charity next week as they have a nation wide coffee morning coming up soon.

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