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On the flip side, some of the protective factors that influence cardiovascular diseases include being from a community that traditionally eats a healthy diet (think of the Mediterranean diet, which includes a lot of seafood, olive oil, and fresh vegetables), community norms that include exercise and activity, and open access to state-of -the-art, caring, and culturally appropriate health care.Before going further, let's look briefly at some general principles about risk and protective factors.

For example, in an effort to prevent substance abuse, an approach that uses risk and protective factors to direct interventions might give young people healthy activities in which to participate, positive role models, and the assertiveness training to "Just say no! We suggest that you consider risk and protective factors as one of your early steps when you are writing or revising the strategic plan for your initiative. As we said above, risk and protective factors are aspects of a person (or group) and environment and life experiences that make it more likely (risk factors) or less likely (protective factors) that people will develop a given problem or achieve a desired outcome.

In this section, you will learn more about risk and protective factors and their role in identifying the changes in your community that your organization wants to make. Often, risk and protective factors can be considered flip sides of the same coin.

For example, a family history of alcoholism is considered a risk factor for becoming an alcoholic.

These are things that are true for all of the "subtypes" of factors: risk and protective, personal and environmental, social and physical.

Research has consistently shown us that: Although many factors are broad enough to cut across many (if not most) community health and development concerns, there are still some factors specific to different issues.

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