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You owe it to yourself to really get to know someone before you count them out, but this also means that you owe it to yourself to allow who you’re dating to really get to know you too.

I am the CEO of Elite Matchmaking, one of the largest Personalized Matchmaking companies in North America.

Most women want a giving, sensitive man that is confident, yet not overbearing, so do your best to balance trying to impress a woman with being yourself on a date.

Women, I understand you have worked hard to become who you are in today’s day and age, however, you should know that femininity is the ultimate fragrance that men are attracted to, not the latest perfume that claims to drive men wild.

The most common responses from singles about what they are looking for in a partner are, “They have to have a great sense of humor, they have to have strong core values and come from a good family, they have to be active and adventurous…” These qualities are all basic generalizations that the majority of the singles population list about themselves on their online dating profiles.

These are not unique personalized qualities that create a true sense of individuality about one’s self.

In other words, if the standard dating rules that currently exist really work, then why are so many people still single?

For starters, I believe that many of today’s singles are relying too much on technology and chemistry as the driving force behind who they consider dating.

Take a nice long bath, listen to something relaxing and romantic and take the time to make sure you look as feminine as possible.

When it comes to dating, I believe that every person that is single could find themselves in a loving, romantic, passionate relationship if they really made a conscious effort to give more people they date a real chance.

I challenge you to meet someone that you believe you are truly compatible with, without looking at their photo.

I have been a specialist in the matchmaking industry for almost a decade.

I match both men and women successfully, most in part to the fact that I bring a fresh new male perspective to an industry that is 99% female oriented.

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