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Hardy cites Sting, The Ultimate Warrior, and Shawn Michaels as his childhood inspirations to wrestle.When the team was finally brought up to WWF television, after months of 'jobbing' and live events, they formed the acrobatic tag team called the Hardy Boyz.

Hardy went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship twice, before he left WWE in mid-2009.He occasionally wrestled as a jobber as late as 1997 before beginning his first major run in 1998.Hardy, along with his brother Matt and friends, started their own federation, the Trampoline/Teenage Wrestling Federation (TWF) and mimicked the moves they saw on television.im unbiased, and im just as real as you are gonna get sexy dating games online when you do not trust me then thats your condition.i do not need having to pay cos my love is free of charge. Hey there, I'm a new comer to country and want some partner for sex just for fun.

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Later on, the TWF went under several different names, eventually being integrated into a county fair in North Carolina.

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