Excel sums not automatically updating

Web server error is: The underlying connection was closed, an unexpected error occurred on a send’ error occurs when opening Micro Strategy Office 8.0.x‘The following products need to be uninstalled before upgrading: Web Reporter ASPx, Web Analyst ASPx and Desktop Analyst should be removed’ error occurs when upgrading a CD key in Micro Strategy 8.0.2 Hotfix 1'Error: SQL Generation Complete Query Engine encountered error: Execute Query failed. Odbc operation attempted: SQLFetch.’ error occurs when the Array Size for the Micro Strategy Oracle Wire Protocol Driver is set to a value of 1,000,000 or larger in Micro Strategy 8.0.x"The following products need to be uninstalled before upgrading: 1.A syntax error has occurred.' error occurs when running a report with calculated attribute IDs against an Informix database in Micro Strategy 8.x‘Fetch failed. Micro Strategy Analytics Modules” message is received when trying to upgrade an Evaluation CD Key to a Standard CD Key in Micro Strategy 8.0.1 and newer Calling Prompted() method always returns true after a Report Services document is saved as ‘Do not display and use the current prompt answers as the default answers’ in Micro Strategy Web SDK 8.0.x Error ’Unexpected Error. Description: Object Second Class has already been deleted or is in an invalid state.’ occurs in the Micro Strategy SDK Sample Utility ‘Extended Properties Editor’ 8.0.1 when trying to edit a property'Object with ID 'XXX' and type 1 (Filter) is not found in metadata. Cannot insert duplicate key in object `IS_REP_SEC_STATS’ is received in the in Micro Strategy Intelligence Server 7.5.3 and newer‘Find target process dead while sending a message’ error occurs when running a report on a Micro Strategy Intelligence Server 8.x running on Red Hat Linux against an Oracle warehouse due to a broken pipe Saving a report with a change to the autostyle or added attribute forms from Micro Strategy Web 7.5.x – 8.0.x for Intelligent Cube reports with a shortcut to a template causes the base template to be modified Users may lose all History List messages when logging into a multiple nodes in a clustered Micro Strategy Intelligence Server 8.x environment, at the same time that one or more nodes are being shut down Caches for reports are created with an Invalid flag in Micro Strategy Intelligence Server 8.0.x in projects when a security filter containing a system prompt is applied to all users at the project level Web subscriptions with the '..overwrite older versions..' History List option execute against the warehouse instead of waiting for cache when an invalid or expired cache exists in Micro Strategy Intelligence Server 8.0.x“The directory /tmp/istemp XX does not contain enough space …" or “The JRE bundled with this launcher is not binary compatible..." error message received when attempting to execute the Micro Strategy Intelligence Server 8.0.0 setup in Unix In a clustered Micro Strategy Intelligence Server 8.0.3 environment, cache created by running a report with a date prompt as the first prompt in the list of prompts is being invalidated when running the same report on the other node Exporting a Report Services document to PDF with images using a UNC path (Windows Shared Path) does not convert the path to a Unix compatible path and the image is broken in Micro Strategy Intelligence Server Universal 8.0.x"The Server instance couldn't be initialized.Please note that some items may be environment related and specific to each reporter.However, each of these items should also be applicable to users who may have similar environments and have not reported the defect to Micro Strategy Technical Support.

If I was using .formula R1C1, I would have inserted RC[-1], but I can't use that with a .formula Array.

Error Code= -2147211767'How to display the right border of the last metric when creating a report or an autostyle with attributes in the row axis and one attribute on top of metrics in the column axis in Micro Strategy Desktop 8.0.x When ‘Open in a New Window’ is checked in Micro Strategy Desktop 8.x for a hyperlink in a Report Services document, the link does not open in a new window when clicked in Micro Strategy Web 8.0.x - 8.1.1'The user does not have Browse access to this Fact' error occurs for users without administrative priviieges and without architect priviliges when choosing fact for count metric in Micro Strategy Desktop 8.0.x - 8.1.0'You must complete the qualification before closing. Overflow error’ error occurs when users try to use Attribute Qualification with an imported list in Micro Strategy Desktop 8.0.x Report Services document automatically replaces another document in the document editor window after sending both the documents to History List at the same time in Micro Strategy Desktop 8.0.2 and older'The key form group contains forms which selected source tables that are not common with each other’ error occurs when trying to modify attribute forms when using partitioned table in Micro Strategy Desktop 8.x When exporting a Freeform SQL report with a page-by to MS Excel, an attribute hidden by setting the column width to zero still appears in the spreadsheet when the ‘Expand all page fields when exporting data’ option is checked in Micro Strategy Desktop 8.x The ‘Find and Replace’ option to change metric formatting using a search object in Microstrategy Desktop 8.x returns error ‘This search object does not return objects of the desired type.

Please use a valid search object’“Error(s) occurred while loading report: DSSSQLEngine: converting Report : Template (Local Template).

The object shown in the following hierarchy no longer exists in schema...” error message is received when updating schema after creating a Metadata partition mapping in Micro Strategy Architect 8.0.0 and 8.0.0 Hot Fix 1When attempting to hide attributes by adjusting column widths in Micro Strategy Desktop 8.0.3 Report Editor, the attribute name is not hidden while the elements from the adjacent column shift to where the hidden attribute used to be‘One of the custom group elements of type embedded filter doesn't have proper output level or has empty definition’ error occurs when executing a report containing prompts in the custom groups in Micro Strategy Desktop 8.0.x‘Cannot save or move object ‘XXX’ with id ‘XXX’ and type ‘Report Definition’.

Its dependent object with id ‘XXX’ type ‘Format’ does not exist in the metadata’ error occurs when saving reports in Micro Strategy Desktop 8.0.x In Micro Strategy Desktop 8.0.x, when creating an attribute qualification filter to use the custom expression on the 'Exactly' operator, the expression field becomes blank when saving and closing the filter editor'Error(s) occurred while loading report: DSSSQLEngine: converting Report : Unknown error.

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This list complements the list of known issues documented in each Release Notes that accompanies product releases.

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