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Stay away from heavy shore break beaches, reef breaks, point breaks.You want a mellow sandy bottom spot with slow peeling mushy waves, and not to many people out.The locals will not be happy with you, and you will most likely get a negative vibe at the least.4. You can point your board toward the beach and when the white water hits you jump on the board prone and ride it in toward the shore laying down practicing turning a little.If their are several surfers on a peak and you and your friends show up to go surfing. After you get that down you can practice paddling to catch the wave.If you do not know of one ask your local surf shop where the beginner friendly spots are.

Start on a big board and you will learn faster, ride more waves, ride the waves you do catch further, and have more fun!A Rip Current is a strong narrow current heading from shore back out to sea.Returning the water seaward that is pushed in from the waves, wind, and the tide.You will find that most of the locals are regular guys and gals who when treated nicely, and with respect will respond in the same way (Yes, I know their are exceptions).3.Do not show up with a big crowd of people to the local hot spot. Well to start with, in the white water (already broken waves) you will want to catch your first few waves in a prone position (laying down).

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Know how to make it outside (beyond the breaking waves into the green water).9. Choose the right surfboard & wetsuit Well you do not want to start on a super thin high performance short board, or any short board for that matter.

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