Emotional predators dating

✦ Extremely skilled at making anyone under their influence crave their approval.

✦ Make you feel special & then emotional distance themselves in ways that keep you unsure of yourself.

“However they are upset over any inconveniences they suffer as a result of being busted.

They believe they have the right to do what ever it takes to get short term gratification without suffering any consequences.” ~Lynne Namka ✦ High maintenance because they need your attention, praise, and deference ✦ Fake sweetness, honor, and good intentions, but deprive them of something they want and look out as they reveal their true selves.

✦ If you share workload with them, expect to do the lion’s share yourself.✦ Their sense of self-importance and lack of empathy means that they will often interrupt the conversations of others.✦ Expect others to do mundane things, since they feel too important to do them ✦ Constantly use of “I”, “me,” and “my” when they talk.Do you know the tell-tale traits of narcissists, crazy makers, emotional manipulators, controlling predators, and other unsafe people? Here is my ULTIMATE, BEST, MOST COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF TRAITS OF NARCISSISTS (and other unsafe people like them): ✦ A sense of superiority places them above others ✦ Must be the center of attention, constantly seeking approval, acknowledgment, kudos, accolades, praise ✦ Act like they are the lead character in all things in life ✦ Dominate conversations because they believe they have the only worthwhile things to say ✦ Want others to give into their demands, request for favors, and put their needs first ✦ Have , they will put such ownership down or minimize it to make themselves look more noble ✦ Search for constant approval and praise to reinforce their false grandiose sense of self, they’re “on- stage,” dominating the conversation, often exaggerating their importance ✦ (Since the self is so fragile — an ever crumbling construction of their ego) — use power, money, status, looks, supposed past glories (or supposed future glories) to boost their image ✦ See criticism as baseless attacks or betrayal and countered with cold-shoulder anger or rage or chilly stares or verbal attack. Laws do not apply to them and remorse is only felt when someone catches and confronts them. ✦ Feel being center of attention is good, right, and proper ✦ Have a grandiose sense of self-importance ✦ Think they are special, God-touched, or privileged ✦ Think they can only be understood by other special or high-status people ✦ Have unreasonable expectation of favorable treatment ✦ Believe they are beyond the rules.

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✦ Use a judgmental “you’re OK”/”you’re not OK” yo-yoing to keep you off-balance & “blameworthy.” ✦ Groom people via manipulation (charm/rage combo) to sell their reality/rationalizations to others.

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