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His philosophy and approach to advertising rapidly became the stuff of screen legend, and his quick wit and inspired elocution acted as the driving force of Mad Men for seven full seasons.

Not only was Don equal parts villain and virtuoso (well, maybe tipping the scales toward the former), but his genius remains relevant in a modern setting and often applies superbly (at least in the broad strokes, and minus the heavy chemical influences) to real-life advertising and marketing strategy for law firms.

As an attorney, the buck stops with you; for better or worse, your actions determine how the court of public opinion judges you and your firm.

Accountability is paramount, and the value of humility is absolute. Therefore, the most important marketing tool you will ever possess is innate and essential: it’s you.

As seen on AMC’s spectacular series Mad Men, fictional 1960s advertising exec Don Draper was an adulterer, an occasional misogynist, a military deserter, a wretched father, and a fall-down drunk. Draper (alias Dick Whitman — it’s a long and sordid story) was known from Manhattan to Hollywood as one of the most formidable content strategists of the golden age of advertising.

In short, he was arguably the most morally bankrupt protagonist in the history of television. Throughout his storied and often scandalous career as the creative director of several bona fide agencies, he led dozens of highly successful quasi-fictional advertising and marketing campaigns for behemoths such as Lucky Strike, Coca-Cola, and Dow Chemical, among many others.

Further, when it comes to branding your firm, you never want to send mixed messages.

However, contrary to the famous dictum that it’s best to fight fire with fire, the sage approach to online conflict is usually to take the high road.

Engaging in an online battle with a disgruntled client will only serve to make you appear petty, and going blow-for-blow with another firm could ultimately exhaust your marketing budget and create contentious relationships among your peers.

Understand that when you broadcast the very best of yourself, you become the product that sells itself — which is an unquantifiable and invaluable commodity.

Regardless of your firm’s legal triumphs, prestigious awards, or sterling ethics, it might seem at times as though your brand and reputation are under constant attack ― either in the form of guerilla warfare from a rival firm or from an outright onslaught of nasty reviews by a client who feels somehow slighted.

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As for rival firms, there’s no sense in compromising your long-term marketing vision to defend your territory or take a combative stance.

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