Does updating blackberry erase contacts

S.), remove your SIM card before you hand your device over to someone else.Your SIM card contains your International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), which is unique to your mobile account.This means that the device can only be used on the carrier it was purchased through.Carriers do this because they subsidize the cost of devices purchased by new customers and existing customers who upgrade.The most crucial step before selling your Black Berry is to wipe your personal data from the device.

If you have a perfectly good Black Berry lying around, you can make quite a bit of money by selling it.Users may press the wrong option to delete or even format their data without backing-up. You should first make sure your Blackberry was in full charge when you taking photos yesterday, or whether you have inserted an external card inside. A: i Care Data Recovery Pro can recover deleted, formatted, corrupted files and folders. In most cases, smartphone users wipe their smartphone without baking up their contacts, information, etc.If you choose the "Wipe" option, your Blackberry smartphone will return to the factory settings, but i Care Data Recovery can retrieve them back. If nothing got wrong, you can download recovery software to bring your photos back. They generally hold the view that their data cannot be restored because the files have been removed permanently.Performing these simple steps only takes a few minutes, but you are protecting your own privacy and security.You are also saving the new device owner the trouble of having to remove your personal data from the device, and giving them the freedom to use it on their choice of carrier.

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