Didupdatetolocation stop updating location

Apple’s libraries make heavy use of delegation so you can reuse their code without needing to subclass the provided classes.

To illustrate how to implement delegates, I’ll talk briefly about both the Core Location and Address Book frameworks that are included in the i OS SDK.

When designing your own objects, take a minute to consider if the app-specific features could be implemented by a delegate, leaving reusable code in the original class.

For example, if your app uses Web Sockets to connect to a live stream of data, split the Web Socket-specifics into a generic class that delegates to an app-specific class.

The only time Photo Dialer has to worry about it is in the delegate methods.

As the user selects a contact, selects a phone number, or presses “cancel”, the delegate is notified.

A common pattern is to have one method for successful completion of a task, and another method for failure.

A delegate is a helper object that can react to or control events happening in another object.

For example, a Unlike the target-action pattern, the delegate doesn’t get to choose it’s own method names: they’re defined by the class that uses it.

This article explains how to use Core Location and Map Kit to display a location and speed on a map.

Last year I was in Japan and I was traveling on some seriously speedy trains.

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Other Navigation location Manager.desired Accuracy = k CLLocation Accuracy Best location Manager.delegate = self location Manager.start Updating Location() The location manager in the previous section tells us where we are in terms of longitude, latitude and speed, but to really visualize it we need a map.

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