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Although dried fruits are ever-popular, you can also dry vegetables and herbs.So, when fresh garden tomatoes are overflowing your counter-tops in September, you can load them into your dehydrator and dry them to use through the winter.Green beans or kale leaves can be lightly salted and turned into addictive crunchy snacks.With a little extra prep, you can make your own homemade fruit leathers, crackers, and jerky! Dehydrating is done at fairly low temperatures, so it’s pretty gentle on the nutrients.

IF You Are Serious About Food: Susan's course teaches you how to safely dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and meat for daily use AND for long-term food storage for any emergency situation.

The real benefit for me is that I'm currently a casual food dehydrator (already own a Nesco) and now that I'm more confident in my preparation techniques I can move towards making dehydrated foods a larger portion of my food supply._____by Mrs Amanda Bennetts Wow I feel like an expert now I knew nothing about dehydrating food before & now, after doing this course I feel like an expert :) Thanks Susan, it was lots of fun learning about all the different aspects & I really enjoyed your enthusiasm for every element.

Fantastic course that I would recommend to anyone :)_____by Charity Cason A very comprehensive course on food dehydrating!

Perfect for having seasonal fruits and veggies year 'round. Dehydrate grapes to make your own (better-than-store-bought) raisins.

And plums make delicious prunes And not to be left out: Fido or Fifi can have his or her own quality pet food full of nourishing veggies: butternut squash, carrots, and celery - protein: chicken breast - grains: quinoa, and millet - carbs: sweet potato, and egg noodles - vitamins and minerals: alfalfa, bone meal, brewers yeast, and kelp!

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