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There are many people who can't tell when a piece of pottery was made.

You have: Maling appear to have used two main sequences of pattern numbers: the first probably running from c.1883 to c.1918, and the second running from c.1908 to the end of the pottery's life.In order for the If you want to have a go at dating the pot or naming the type of vessel it came from you can, but don't worry as it is very difficult unless you know what you are looking at. The fabric contains frequent quartz inclusions, various sizes large to small, mainly angular and not well sorted.The same goes for describing the form of the rim or base. The fabric has a slightly reduced core where the carbon in the centre has not burnt out. The sherd has remnants of green glaze on the outside.What to Look For Here is a list of some of the common phrases, terms, or words that are often marked or found on pottery.Knowing them can help you pinpoint the date of your piece from the mid 1800s to the end of the 19th Century.

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Please Note - Popular shapes may have been in production for several decades after they were first registered!

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