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While pre-installing Google Wallet on phones may boost usage, Google still has to give people good reasons to use the app rather than swiping their card.

It has been a wild six months in the mobile payments space.

The comments to use array_filter() without a callback to remove empty strings from explode's results miss the fact that array_filter will remove all elements that, to quote the manual, "are equal to FALSE".

This includes, in particular, the string "0", which is NOT an empty string.

Die Wahl des Studienfachs ist eine sehr schwierige Entscheidung.

At the same time, Google is buying technology from Softcard, the mobile payments app backed by the same carriers. Google Wallet allows shoppers to tap their phones to pay at checkout in some brick-and-mortar stores in much the same way Apple Pay does.

For Google, the distribution agreement is also important because one of its phone partners, Samsung, is expected to announce its own mobile payments initiative next month.

Samsung last week said it that it had acquired a payments startup called Loop Pay, which Re/code reported in December was in talks to embed its own mobile payments tech into Samsung phones.

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