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With Jupiter in Libra, the law of "opposites attract" is in full effect. doesn't have to understand every one of your passions (and vice versa).Libra is symbolized by the scales, after all— and it's equally-weighted, opposing forces that create equilibrium. Simple curiosity can be enough to keep you connected.

And let's be honest, traveling well together can be the hallmark of a great relationship. If you're newly dating, hop in the car for a one-day road trip. Don't blow all your vacation days on a stressful family visit for the holidays.Pro tip: Using "I language" will yield better results than the accusatory "you." For example, "I would like to have tech-free dinner dates" leaves room for discussion, whereas, "I feel like you're more into your Instagram feed than talking to me" only puts bae on the defensive.Both statements may be equally true, sure, but one is constructive and the other is likely to start a battle royale.It's not quite cuffing season yet, but the cooling temps call for a cozier brand of amour.(Sweaty, knotted-up sheets, you won't be missed.) And this fall, there's added urgency to take a chance on romance.

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But Libra's influence can soften Jupiter's indelicate edge.

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