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“Dating can be hard and anxiety provoking and there’s a market there for a short cut. What if you could skip to the part where you click with someone?

But our data suggests that, at least with the tools we currently have available, there isn’t an easy fix for finding love.” While online dating sites provide a valuable service by narrowing the field and identifying potential romantic prospects, “they don’t let you bypass the process of having to physically meet someone to find out how you feel about them,” Joel said.

“Attraction for a particular person may be difficult or impossible to predict before two people have actually met,” said Samantha Joel, a University of Utah psychology professor and lead author“A relationship is more than the sum of its parts.

The new start-up company “triangulate” from Palo Alto, CA, wants to “empower people to use their own data to make the world better”.

To make this honourable aim possible they are distributing their first software “Wings“, a Facebook application.

The more the network is closed, the less a random encounter of a new person will lead to a partnership.

In this case it is more likely that the next partner will be from the closed network. An important measure for a dating-recommendation engine is the visual nature of the potential partner.

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It gains information not only from Facebook, it also uses others sources like for example or netflix, to find out the users music or video taste.

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