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The reason they got to the point of despair, enough to want to end their life, won’t just go away.The underlying causes may not even be known or acknowledged by your loved one.Again, make sure that the individual is not left alone nor has access to any means of making good on their intention to do themselves in.This means sweeping the house for any prescription and over-the-counter drugs, poisons, knives and sharp objects, ropes and cords and, especially, firearms.This often means a severe change of lifestyle, but not always. Where there was no counseling, there now has to be.The suicidal person will not “get better” on their own.In addition to individual counseling, group therapy may be recommended.Make sure the person attends every counseling session.

Often times, the suicidal person has neglected themselves to the extent that they are seriously malnourished.Don’t allow them to slack off, since therapy takes time to work – and it’s often difficult and painful for the individual.The tendency is to minimize the risk, saying “I’m okay now. Following the suicide attempt, physical and/or mental changes occur, and healing takes time.The idea is to monitor what’s going on with your loved one.This means asking lots of questions of the doctors and nurses, helping to comfort your loved one, and getting help for him or her if needed.

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