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When our Chief Marketing Officer asked me to write a blog for Suicide Prevention Month, I groaned. But then it hit me, I could write about my recent experience with meditation—Transcendental Meditation (TM).An old commander once told me, “The first …Read More Today is Veterans Day– a day we use for rest and free time with friends and family, possibly even cooking out on the grill.We are averaging nearly 12 calls per client this year alone. She felt alone but knew if she could just get to the right help, she’d be ok. He can’t hold a job because he doesn’t sleep at night, and when he …Read More I don’t know the first thing about horses. …Read More I think we can agree that the VA Crisis Line story – crisis calls going to voicemail – bothers each of us.If you or someone you love deserves a better path for their life, please connect with us. When you tell someone who has no knowledge or experience with horses that a single day in the round-pen with a horse can be a first step toward healing and learning to trust again, I tend to have my doubts. What we might not agree on are the reasons why this story is so disturbing. When a Veteran calls the crisis line, someone is there …Read More Awareness Crisis HBOT Meditation for PTS military suicide PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) PTS/TBI PTSD Suicide Prevention transcendental meditations Traumatic Brain Injury Veteran Empowerment veteran suicide Share your story.AUTHOR: Pam Garnett (See original article) The day that I …Read More Article author Shawn Jones is a 20-year Veteran of the Air Force and Army, now retired.

After returning home from combat after his third tour, however, his crippling military post traumatic stress disorder began to take its toll. His thoughts …Read More This is a guest blog by Jane Moore, a writer and someone who suffers depression. As depicted in the map, the most direct journey would have been less than 600 …Read More The War Within: Why We Respond The Way We Do – The Mind “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.” Dwight D. …Read More What Does a Veteran’s Crisis Situation Look Like?

That is most powerful way one Veteran can help another Veteran.

I know it is hard to talk about, and I discuss that in this interview.

Jerry is currently serving as the Co-Founder of Operation Warrior Wellness.

Want more information on TM for Veterans and Soldiers?

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