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That's 2 hours of silence and 1 hour of conversation.

If you think your date is likely to be a good conversationalist, lengthen the chow time!

It is also the only experiential restaurant that i know of in Singapore.

My favourite place to celebrate birthdays, you get 50% off the 2nd main, and 1 free if you dine in 3.

Bring socks and gloves on your a dining suggestion. In Singapore, it's almost inevitably a movie and dinner.Much more affordable by J Pot with a wider choice of variety.It is after all a first date, so take your date to a fancier one than the ones along the street of also another pricer dining suggestion but it's well worth the price for its ambience and food.These eight suggestions will leave her head-over-heels in love with you without burning a hole in your pocket.You don’t have to have cocktails at a pricey rooftop bar.

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You also get a strawberry shortcake with candle as well as 1 instant print Polaroid. It is an experiential restaurant because the ladies are dressed in 1950s English maid uniforms (mild role play?

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