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Divorce statistics around the world show that is reality.

It’s NATURE that causes men of all ages to be attracted to women of child-bearing age, not perversion.

As a piece of wisdom, I have found that a key reason why people break up is BOREDOM.

And if you can’t excite a woman with your personality and looks, then you better at least have money. Well it’s a bit obvious the world over that men like looking at attractive women, much more than women like looking at men.

A younger woman marrying a more mature man is far less likely to face that situation than if she marries some hot shot her own age.

So in High school I hung out with people who were working on graduate degrees or doing post-graduate work or older.

After being married and then single again, I find that highly intelligent and attractive young women tend to feel the same way…

People in my family live to be 100 years old quite often.

I don’t feel old, look old or have degenerative medical issues. I will bet that I can out cycle and out run you by miles.

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They might have experienced what it's like to go through marriage, or to have children, or to have worked for a certain amount of time, or to have retired...

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