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When someone speaks to you in their native tongue, something in your brain happens where you are instantly intrigued by what that person has to say. Maybe this is an innate human quality (thank goodness!

If you want to leave a fine first impression, be aware of this issue from our side.” “Mind you, girls are perfectly aware that your stay will not be permanent, and that we can only enjoy each other’s company for a limited period of time. Buy a round of drinks for a girl’s table, and see what happens.

Majority will find it flattering.” Marta (24) touched the topic of Croatian traditional mentality.

“I live in Rijeka, which is usually perceived as a very liberal city according to Croatian standards.

We’re passionate and love soccer Soccer is loved worldwide.

Exciting, full of energy, sometimes a struggle, but always a winning game. We enjoy the finer things in life How refreshing would it be to date someone who takes the time to enjoy and sip their coffee?

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From Bluefin Tuna to the world’s most famous truffles, from decadent homemade desserts to simple pastas with homemade olive oils, Croatian cuisine is infused with delight. And, to learn of a new culture means you will definitely rediscover your own self.

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