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An electronic device mimicking the squeaks of a rabbit in distress was coaxing the fox ever closer.

When it was 75ft away, the fox turned slightly, offering a larger target.

A muffled crack rang out from the back of the pick-up.

After a quick search, the body of a dog fox was brought out.

Most adhere to a code of conduct, have licensed firearms, keep police informed of where and when they will be out, stay well away from roads or homes and shoot only foxes, rats and rabbits.

But there is a sub-culture of gun enthusiasts whose lamping ranges from the legal, but bloodthirsty, to the criminal.

At the milder end are those who regard lamping not as pest control but as sport.

One entry on Air Gun BBS read: "Would welcome any lamping tips at all from you experienced night-time bunny bashers ...", and another boasted of killing 28 in a night. But badgers, a protected species, are the most worrying quarry of illicit lampers - either shot or hunted down by lurcher dogs trained to run down the beam of a lamp.

A post-mortem examination confirmed it had been killed, probably by dogs, after midnight. Last Tuesday, Leslie Fowell of Rock Ferry, Merseyside was jailed for a year at Wirral magistrates court for eight offences under the Protection of Badgers Act.

He told of a friend lamping who saw two sets of eyes at the edge of a field: "The eyes moved a bit and the guy looked through his scope but wouldn't pull the trigger because he couldn't identify them.

As he was peering through his scope, he got the shock of his life.

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Two weeks ago, a boy of 12 walking his dog was shot in the head at Castleford, West Yorkshire.

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