Dating an ex whos cheated before

Suck it up and let her talk about her ex, at least at first, so you can have an idea of how she’s feeling.

After that, you can ban his name from conversation. Being cheated on might’ve made her lose some of her confidence.

We were heavily involved in church and went to premarital counseling and prayed together and went to Bible Study. Things that may help make a relationship easier for both parties.

The journey of a naive 20-year-old girl to where I am today has come with baggage and much of it.

She will second guess everything, and if you are dating other women at the same time, she will stay very guarded and possibly withdraw.

Don’t go on and on about how amazing your female coworkers are, either.

She’ll assume that you’ll want to sleep with them, and that’s the quickest way to lose her. If you go out, she’s going to want to know where you’re going and what friends you’ll be seeing.

It’s not fair, and we know that, but it is what it is. All those times she talks about her ex and the specifics of certain things he did, that’s not because she’s venting, guys. Sure, people can change, but a woman who has been cheated on won’t want to take the risk in case you haven’t actually changed.

She is scared that it’ll happen again and that you’ll do the same to her. The wounds will heal eventually, but it takes constant work on her part and support on yours. But she will become stronger and better, though deep down there will always be a little bit of doubt in herself.

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