Dating a single mom child support

You wouldn't ask how a multi-income family affords their lifestyle, right?"You must have unorthodox views on parenting."Not necessarily."It makes it seem like raising my son is a chore," says Mareesa Hernandez, a single mom to a four-year-old in Cliffside Park, NJ.

Then avoid saying the following 10 things to a husbandless mother—plus, check out the below advice from experts and single moms in the trenches on how to rephrase questions if you just hard to date.""No kidding," says single mom *Lorie.Regardless of your marital status, motherhood is hard.But single moms just may have it tougher, though not for the reason you'd think: Too often, they face tough questions and judgment just because they lack a spouse.Even without a male father figure, research shows it's the quality of the relationship that the child has with the participating parent that matters the most—just look at how far Barack Obama came as the child of a single mother.Joy agrees; "My son has no relationship with his father, but we're like peas and carrots.""Where's your child?

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"How a woman spends her own income after her children's needs are met shouldn't come under scrutiny," says Carolyn Edgar, a New York City lawyer, writer and single mom.

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