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Remember our 5 reasons you should NEVER marry a Russian woman?Well, if you are still willing to go for it, here is some advice…Dating women from another culture can be a highly interesting and rewarding experience that opens your eyes up to a whole different way of viewing the world and a wealth of different traditions, cuisines and customs.Dating Russian women then is no different, and can be a very colourful and rewarding experience that brings together two different cultures though it is important to understand their cultures and traditions going in.So if you see a girl dressed to kill, she’s likely from Russia.Apart from being dazzlingly gorgeous, Russian ladies generally possess a high intellect.For instance in Russia it is more common to sit at a table with strangers than to eat alone in a restaurant.

Thus, when judging whether you should date someone, base your decision on their specific traits and on their particular beliefs rather than applying stereotypes of their nationality.On the contrary, your romance will be soaked with sincerity. Men from all over the world are ready to travel to another corner of the planet in order to see it on their own.In addition to natural gifts, most Russian girls also have excellent taste.Russia is also a harsh environment and this has lead to many people viewing Russians as 'harsh' as a result, however this is simply strength on their part and a determination that might sometimes be viewed as lack of sympathy.Again though this is a stereotype and certainly not true of all Russians.

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Russians will likely be very proud of their country, and so if you want to impress them you would do well to learn a bit about the country, their language and their traditions to show an interest.

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