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Whether it’s the way you hold your gun, the way you enter a building, or what do I do with my gun when I’m in a different country. Sometimes I’ve to cover it with my T-shirt, sometimes I can wear my gun, sometimes I can’t at all, so there are a lot of things like that we learn on set.

Most challenging thing is probably all the different locations.

It’s easy to just dismiss this ridiculously good-looking actor as just another pretty face.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that being born to an ethnic Korean mother and American father of British descent has helped land him roles looking to cast an Asian American.

So you’re dealing with different cultures, different story lines, because you have to take into consideration what happens when you walk through different worlds, what things can happen, good or bad, what protocol we have to deal with as profilers.

Everything changes when you cross international borders, so it’s a challenge for us as actors to figure out what we can and can’t do in a certain country.

There’s also a pool there, and I think we have a little more way to go with that. I think Asian actors have to be better, I think we have to be prepared more because when we do get the opportunity, we need to be very very good.

I guess it must’ve been a pretty popular show in Malaysia.

I saw a lot of toys and some “Big Hero 6” figurines.

It makes me proud because my character helped create him.

O said two years ago), so we reckon we could give him a helping hand. Lee Donghae He once readily agreed to lend 4Minute member Jihyun ,000 when the latter prank-called him on a show.

We heard he’s inexperienced in the love department (at least that’s what D.

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