Consolidating cds on itunes

See also: Get cover art in i Tunes Get music off an old i Pod Share your podcasts using i Tunes How to downgrade from i Tunes 12 to i Tunes 11 First you should check your i Tunes Purchased list to see what you can find.

Here is how to discover your i Tunes Purchases in OS X: In the top-right you should see four options: Music, Films, TV Programmes and Apps.

How to remove exclamation marks and play problem songs in i Tunes If your i Tunes media is still missing underneath the All tab, make sure that are logged in using the correct account.

Here is how to check your Store details: You may not be able to download music if you purchased it in one i Tunes Store (UK) and are now viewing another store (such as the i Tunes US store).

If you take a little time to wrestle with the data behind your files in i Tunes, you may rediscover the greatness of your underused or abandoned music collection.

You could also check to see if any of the two albums are listed as "part of a compilation".

I had that problem before and it turn out that the bonus album was set as a compilation but not the regular one...

Where have my Apple music, films and TV Shows gone to and how do I get my missing i Tunes media back?

Missing i Tunes media is a problem some Apple fans notice.

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In i OS you should be signed in to the default store for your account when you sign in, so follow the sign out and sign in process outlined above.

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