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Pedophiles and malware merchants lurk in its confines alongside opioid dealers and human traffickers.

What happens on the dark web is so ugly that cybersecurity firms that comb its data routinely share the information with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. cybersecurity companies focus on the dark web, primarily working for retailers, banks and other firms concerned that cybercriminal gangs are trafficking there in consumer data that they’ve obtained through breaches.

New accounts in particular are monitored for suspicious activity and every card payment is traceable.

That does make “digital pickpocketing” unlikely, unless the card itself is stolen.

“All us work in partnership with law enforcement, when possible and necessary, to combat this,” said Danny Rogers, chief executive of Terbium Labs, a Baltimore, Maryland, company that specializes in automated combing of the dark web. A small and secretive corner of the internet, the dark web cannot be accessed by traditional search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Those visiting the dark web must employ special web software, like The Onion Router (Tor) or I2P, both of which encrypt and give anonymity to the user and hide the location of everything visited.

It is a challenge to configure the software and find where one wants to browse.

That difficulty is what makes the dark web a hub for the most foul types of crime. law enforcement came to me my first year and said, ‘Look, there’s child abuse on your sites.

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