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But following open-heart surgery for an obstruction on Christmas Eve 2008, she found herself popping prescribed Percocet to ease the pain.

She was able to get a refill from her dentist, she said, and then she developed a habit that quickly grew out of control.

Kylie will return to live with her later this month, and Ms.

Her first daughter, now 8, was taken by the state Department of Children and Families about five years ago and later placed with her paternal grandparents. Sampson had a second child during the years she was using, named Kylie, who was taken by the state as well.“No little girl grows up saying she wants to be a prostitute when she gets older,” she said.Women and men in the line of work often find themselves on the other side of extraordinarily dangerous situations. Sampson said she was held at gunpoint, beaten, raped and robbed on the streets. Sampson said she has regrets and battles her past near daily. Sampson is quick to tell people her favorite color is pink. Sampson said she had no identity, let alone the ability to know her favorite color.She became homeless and had no money to support herself.

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Many have had past sexual or violent trauma in their lives, too.

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