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They said that they were doing a bit of female bonding, I apologized and offered to leave, but I think they were glad to have an actual man at the table. Across from me is....obviously didn't make an impression, 'nuf said on that score. As the evening wears on, I come to believe they should also prohibit "So where are you from? After the break, we're back for the final three rounds. I considered asking Techiya if I could exchange numbers with someone I WASN'T interested in dating, but who would make a good friend. Jude catches me on the way out, we commiserate about our final three rounds.

In consultation with friends beforehand, I had established that my ice breaker question would be "So, what do you do for fun? " "Oh, everything from rap to Kenny Rogers." I'm a bit put off by both extremes, but appreciate a woman who isn't stuck in a small space. Ruby declared, with quite a bit of relish, that she had had a big steak for dinner that night. We exchanged quick stories about our worst speed date of the evening so far. Sam #6 Petite, even dwarfish, Sam #6 liked all manner of outdoor sport, hiking, biking, camping, etc. We chatted about books (she jotted down my recommendation of Guns, Germs and Steel, but we both agreed we preferred fiction to non-fiction. A moussed out, tarted up, baby doll hottie, but a hottie, nonetheless.

I passed a house with a huge sheet hanging out the window with a peace sign painted on it. As I'm pouring myself a beer, I get a tap on my shoulder. Chaim is a tallish, handsome man wearing jeans, a pale oxford button down and the simple, tight-knit kippah (yarmoulke) you see often in Israel and the Northeast, but not often in the Northwest. I tell him about my brief stay in Tzfat, the ancient town in northern Israel to which the occultist Jews of Spain fled in the 13th century when the Inquisition was in full swing.

It was Friday night, I was in college, I figured I'd go to the Georgetown neighborhood where there were college students, I'd find a party, I'd meet people. It was the Friday before the Monday on which Desert Shield became Desert Storm, and there was a buzz in the air. There's a keg in the back corner of the room, so I head straight towards it. "Oh, nobody, I just saw there was a party and thought I'd come meet you," I begin to explain, when I notice that, really, there are only five guys in the room. They were just sitting in their living room, drinking and listening to tunes, when I walked in their front door and grabbed myself a brew. I hung out with them that night and they ended up hooking me up with a place to live for the semester. Break Time I sit down with Sam #6, but first Techiya's husband Chaim has something to say. I walk towards a clump of people, determined to to talk to someone I won't speed date. I tell him how much I enjoyed his speech and that, while not particularly religious myself, I was fascinated by Kabbalistic and mystical Judaism.

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