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The city's Yoshino cherry trees have reached their second bloom stage, the time when florets are visible.There are four more stages before peak bloom, the National Mall and Memorial Park Service tweeted on March 2.The month-long celebration marks the 1912 gift from Tokyo of 3,000 cherry trees to Washington, and includes an April 1 Blossom Kite Festival and an April 8 parade that runs 10 blocks along Constitution Avenue.

Meguro River: Located just near Shibuya, the attractive Meguro River is lined with more than 800 cherry trees and gets more beautiful when paper lanterns and the cherry trees are illuminated during the Nakameguro Sakura Festival at night. There is a huge weeping cherry tree catches all the attention at night when it’s lit up.

Planning a trip that matches the time cherries peak is difficult: quite likely that you have reached just after the flowers peaked, or seeing the cherries in a blooming state just as you are leaving. Truth is, to make sure you can catch the full bloom, you will have to stay at least a week in the city to see how things go.

But that's not what typical foreign visitors do, their time is ticking.

Other noted metropolitan areas in the table on the right of the diagram below include Fukuoka and Nagoya on 23 March, followed by Osaka on 28 March and Sendai on 10 April.

This table gives more detail regarding the forecast, with the columns (from left to right) providing information regarding: the city; the predicted blossoming date; the predicted date of full bloom; last year’s blossoming date; and the yearly average blossoming date.

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