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First, I want to be clear: I believe that coach-athlete romantic/sexual relationships are never appropriate and are never to be condoned.

It is also a tragedy because we are losing one of the few African-American women coaches in Division 1 women’s basketball. "You got to think about your family and where you want to be living and where you want them to grow up and make some traditions," she told Howard Megdal on "Locked on Women's Basketball."Among the other reasons Delle Donne wants out of Chicago, according to those sources, are that she felt out of place on the team — and perhaps with the leadership role expected of her — and was dissatisfied that the front office wasn't marketing and investing in the team as much as in past seasons.But one former teammate said she did not see any such discontent from Delle Donne."I didn't feel tension.Elena Delle Donne found her game and fame in Chicago.She established roots here — even named her dog Wrigley — but she may be on the verge of a breakup.

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