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*I don't own any of the characters* Please review after you read it :) Story to continue...Begins with Season 9's "Sleepless in Miami." Calleigh worries about Natalia when she disappears from the psychic's office. *I do not own any characters or the initial story line* Please review when finished reading :) The space between moments can be a long journey.It might not float your boat, but in all honesty, they are a likely pairing, even if it's not the direction you think the show is going. (tm sorkin)I agree that chemistry is not the eye of the beholder. That's why I'm asking for examples cause maybe I've missed something. If I knew Beckinsale personally, I'd have taken her for a beer a long time ago.Basically, I just thought I would let you know that although there is nothing wrong with not supporting a pairing, there is no reason to be so unjustly dead set against it. It's either there, or it's not, but people can never really be totally objective. That's why this world has gone to hell, cause people don't try to understand each other anymore. It's the people who are hypocritical that I have no respect for.

She sees him through rose colored glasses, she hero worships him, which means she barely knows him at all. And if Horatio hasn't opened up to her about it, well, that says a lot about their relationship. I can't see Horatio going, "Wow, Friday night, nothing to do. Oh, yeah, Calleigh is #1 on that list." And that's disasterous for a relationship. For a couple to work, especially on television, there has to be sexuality. I'm not really a fan of Horatio/Yelina, but you have to admit there's plenty of tension and yearning between these two. The way he looks at her, he's never looked at Calleigh like that, and after Yelina, I'm not sure he will. If we were going through that route, then we could say that Speed, Delko, and Alexx are all in love with Horatio. The way she delivered her line, there was no yearning in her voice, no double meaning. I think Calleigh and Eric have more in common than people think. I don't have a problem when there's a vast age difference, but the people are on the same level of maturity. Though I myself have shipped popular and unpopular ships combined, one thing that has never changed for any couple is the chemisrty.

The blonde looked right back up at him and threw him a blindingly bright smile and said, “Hey, handsome.” Horatio chuckled, and replied with, “Hello, sweetheart. ” She smirked and picked up a spent round from a large caliber gun and then, after that, the rest of the memory blurred for Ryan, but he remembered that conversation..." Frank has seen a lot of things in his life ... There will be spoilers in various chapters for episodes, but nothing major. They're in a relationship, one that Ryan is starting to doubt.

Events lead Ryan to Horatio's house and a different future.

No, I never said, "My way or no other way." I ask for proof because I wanna know what you guys see in it.

A murder investigation takes Horatio and the team into the world of speed dating.

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I hope that if nothing else, this post has been a little reminder of the fact that there are people that feel strongly about the pairing they ship, and that goes for every pairing, in every fandom. Beckinsale gave me some examples, I gave a rebutal, she gave one back... I continue because in my experience, H/C shippers are usually very young, immature, and stubborn.

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