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Essentially a male-chauvinist inspired piece of codswallop-pop with lines like “Two swinging honeys for every guy, all you gotta do is wink your eye”, it created a sort of fantasy world, an incredible myth that hung in the dreams of every beach kid, and was really what Jan & Dean were all about.

Car songs, beach songs, girl songs, drag songs, silly songs all followed in quick succession and it was unusual if their sales didn’t top the half million mark.

Most were written by Brian Wilson, recorded on four track recorders and required a dozen or more overdubs.

Though Jan or Dean always sang the lead, it’s a fair assumption that some, if not all, The Beach Boys are on the records somewhere.

They were young and they lived in Southern California where the sun always shines, so why should they worry about the cares of the world.Her name was Jenny Lee, and on the way home in the car ‘Jenny Lee’ was written and rehearsed.During this period Lou Adler, their future manager, and Herb Alpert entered the scene, writing and arranging, but none of the Dore singles matched the sales of their first two songs.There was ‘Honolulu Lulu’ about the joys of surfing in Hawaii, ‘New Girl In School’ which speaks for itself and contains such lines of youthful innocence as “the chicks are jealous of the new girl in school, they put her down and they treat her so cool”.‘Little Old Lady’ which was based on a real old lady featured in a Dodge TV commercial, and ‘Ride The Wild Surf’ about waves “30 feet high”.

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It worked and, utilising the idea of a girl’s Christian name as a title, they put out a song called ‘Linda’ as a single. Liberty was pleased and Jan & Dean were allowed to make another album.

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