Benefits of dating in the twentieth century

Subsequent uniformity of style and service of motels—like in the case of Holiday Inns or Howard Johnson's—provided motorists with a clear expectation of what to expect if they stopped there, and how much they were likely to pay.

Florida was an early leader in building accommodations for tourists with 178 tourist courts and camps operating by the mid-1920s.

In some ways automobile transport was a crucial agent for change, but in other cases it merely accelerated ongoing changes.

It only reconfirms that it is not the only technology that has helped to make or remake cities.

In some cases, more than fifty percent of the ground area in the central business district of a city by the early 1960s was devoted to streets and parking spaces.

While other forms of transportation before the automobile sometimes required even more street space, recent street and parking data often do not include the space necessary for businesses or services devoted in whole or in part to the automobile, such as gas and service stations, automobile dealerships, and automotive supply stores.

There is little doubt that the widespread use of the automobile, especially after 1920, changed the rural and urban landscapes in America.

It is overly simplistic to assume, however, that the automobile was the single driving force in the transformation of the countryside or the modernization of cities.

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