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Upon his death, Yuzuru Otonashi awakens into an afterlife high school where a group of student rebels, lead by Yuri Nakamura, take arms against a dispassionate adversary with supernatural powers whom they call Angel. Afterlife Battlefront), they're in open rebellion against God for their crappy, unfulfilled and cruelly unfair lives (and against a projected reincarnated future as meager sea life, presumably barnacles or water fleas). This leads to a style of storytelling that is rarely, if ever, found in anime. The main group is a very quirky, funny group of people who still, despite all humor, are the definition of friendship and companionship.Though no one can die since everyone's already dead, killings are nonetheless very painful experiences, with complete recovery to follow. Works' production quality of Turû tiâzu (2008) that he asked studio president Kenji Horikawa to produce "Angel Beats! This leads me into another facet of Angel Beats that I thoroughly enjoyed, which is how serious sections transition directly into absolutely hilarious one in mere seconds.However, in order to transform into Escalayer she must recharge her power source, the Doki Doki Dynamo which can only be recharged through sexual excitement.

She later develops a deeper relationship with him towards the end, however.All this emotion, humor, and story is helped by a stunning soundtrack that is mind-blowing in how much emotion is in itself, let the series as a whole. All in all, this helps to create an incredible "Life is Good" vibe that I have never seen like this anywhere else.The only pity about the series is it's length. Definitely watch this series if you are looking for a unique, short series with wonderful humor, yet beautiful and bittersweet ending to it.Sometimes, he is also typecast to play angsty and arrogant young men (such as his famous rendition of Cloud Strife in Compilation of Final Fantasy VII).He starred in the gag anime Osomatsu-san as the titular character of Osomatsu.

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The greatest fear in their struggle to maintain their humanity is obliteration (Angel's goal for them), from which there is no return. Not only is there a huge and sudden contrast between these two feelings, but the serious is truly serious with emotional and epic moments, and the funny is uproariously hysterical.

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