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When you go to a friend for help, it’s usually because you’re feeling shitty.Your female friends care about you and want to make you feel better. That can make them nervous to tell you that you’re doing something wrong. You just haven’t met the right girl.” “Stop looking so hard and it will happen naturally.” “Just be yourself.” You may take this to heart and then think that there’s nothing you need to change about yourself.Their insight comes from a place of compassion – and that’s usually a big part of the problem.

This causes you to blame your lack of results on external forces rather than ever taking responsibility for yourself.She now advises her own brother to be more forward and flirtatious with girls he likes.I know a female matchmaker who has a deep understanding of attraction after years of experience.When her clients get friend-zoned, she tells them to be more bold and work towards creating a sexual connection. I know this because I’ve dealt with countless men who follow their female friends’ advice perfectly.Then they end up more frustrated than ever and can’t understand why. Therefore, they don’t like to put other women in uncomfortable flirting situations. So they give guys advice to NOT flirt with a girl until they know she’s 100% interested.

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