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Particularly satisfying to her was the process of developing made over $ 50 million and put Goldie back in the film business," adds Stan Kamen, Hawn's longtime friend and agent."She's always been smart in terms of making sure she held on to her loyal TV audience by doing a special every eighteen months or so, but "It was, for some reason, a big deal for people in this town to accept Goldie as a Jewish princess – let alone one who grows to be independent and aggressive," explains Charles Shyer.From the time I got involved in the film in February of 1979, the single most impressive thing about Goldie Hawn was that she never, "I just stuck to my guns," Goldie says."There were differences of opinion, but I didn't back down too easily, and this was hard for me, because I didn't want people to see me as a bitch."When the film was first assembled, it ran three hours and one minute."She is, without question, a very persuasive person – and it's because of her great charm, not because of any pushiness.

," says Goldie Hawn with glee, recalling one of many battles she had to fight in her new role as executive producer of her own films.They felt it was unnecessary and would turn a lot of people off."The story she is recounting is, er, not the sort of thing we are accustomed to hearing from blond, blushing Goldie Hawn, but then, it's become increasingly obvious that we knew precious little about the lady to begin with."Sexuality," she continues, "is, of course, the worst thing you can show in a picture. I objected to that, and I guess I was afraid of the scene anyway, in that I didn't want the audience to squirm during it.")"We fought for that scene and won," says Goldie, "but then, in the final cutting, they wanted to edit it before her head even went out of the frame!You can cut off a woman's breast in some bloody, violent film, but you can't film a man making love to it."I wanted the scene in there because I wanted to demonstrate something about Judy's character – that basically she was someone who didn't have much self-esteem. A bunch of us said, ' This isn't going to work."It will be released in foreign markets in the spring, and a handsome TV sale price will further increase its coffers. I'd like to do one or two Goldie Hawn pictures a year.That would make me one very happy man." CANNOT BE ANYTHING ON THE screen that I haven't seen or felt myself – I can't pretend," says Hawn of her acting technique.

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