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The office is closed between 12 and 1 pm for lunch. All documents and site files must be removed and returned to the shelves by SHPO staff.

Consultants will not be allowed access to these materials unless SHPO personnel are present.

Prepared by the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office Written by Patrick Trader Edited by Joanna Wilson Download the guidelines in PDF format Download the guidelines in RTF format Preface The completion of Guidelines for Phase I, II, and III Archaeological Investigations and Technical Report Preparation is due in large part to the efforts of two former Historic Preservation Office archaeologists. The following guidelines have been developed to aid archaeologists in conducting such investigations in the State of West Virginia. Professional Qualifications All consultants currently conducting archaeological investigations in the State of West Virginia are included in an approved list of consultants.

Development of the guidelines was initiated by Eric Voigt, author of the original WVSHPO survey and curation regulations. To be included in this list, consultants must meet a series of minimum requirements in accordance with the Secretary of Interior’s Professional Qualifications, 36 CFR Part 61.

Consultants must contact the Survey Archaeologist and/or National Register Survey Coordinator at least 48 hours before scheduling a file search.

This is necessary to ensure that appropriate WVSHPO staff are available to assist consultants.

These include Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), as amended, and its implementing regulations, 36 CFR 800: "Protection of Historic Properties", the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, The Archaeological and Historic Preservation Act of 1974, and West Virginia State Code 29-1-8, and its implementing regulations, Title 82, Series 2: “Standards and Procedures for Administering State Historic Preservation Programs”.

The WVSHPO reviews projects to determine what effects, if any, they may have upon significant cultural resources as outlined within Federal and State laws and regulations.

All file search requests will be assigned the individual WVSHPO File Reference (FR) number, if known.This form must be submitted by the Principal Investigator of each project as an appendix to each technical report.Failure to conduct the literature review and site file search, or to submit the form, will result in the rejection of the project report. Section 106 and Cultural Resource Investigations Cultural Resource Investigations are conducted in stages commonly referred to as Phase I, II and III. Phase I Investigation Phase I investigation consists of a combination of background research and fieldwork designed to identify resources and define site boundaries within a given project area or Area of Potential Effect (APE).Under the guidance of Susan Pierce, Director, several past and present members of the WVSHPO staff assisted in the development of these guidelines. Jeanne Day Binning, Jeff Davis, Andrea Keller, Lora Lamarre, Dr. These guidelines have been revised to allow consultants greater diversity in their approach to archaeological investigation in West Virginia. plus Demonstrated ability to carry research to completion.The WVSHPO hopes that this document serves to clarify its expectations, as well as to assist the consultant in developing survey and excavation strategies. plus At least one year of full-time experience at a supervisory level in the study of archaeological resources of the prehistoric or historic periods.

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