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Ann Judson had the audacity to sew it into a pillow, and travelled through the jungles to where the Burmese soldiers had moved her husband to a squalid prison, and convinced the prison guards to allow her to give it to her husband to sleep on at night.The end of Haury’s career has only been publicly known in vague generalities. I would not ask you to tell an untruth, Never, but there is no need of having it spread among outsiders.The most specific explanation is found in Lois Barrett’s 1983 history of General Conference home missions, where she says Haury resigned because of “his sexual indiscretion with another missionary at Cantonment.”Darlington school children and teachers; left to right at top, Dian Luginbuel (m. It is not on my or our account I ask this, but on account of the Mission work & Christianity’s sake.Very little has changed since the days of Adoniram Judson, with the Hindus still stooped into their tragic idolatry. Ling just recently preached openly throughout the annual water festival, where the Hindus with the support of the Myanmar government, offered animal sacrafices throughout the country, their eyes being blind that their gods of nothing have done nothing but destroy their country under the judgment of God Almighty.Pray fervently Brethren, that God will open the eyes of the Burmese people of Myanmar, and turn them from darkness to Light.

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But as with the Mennonites mentioned above, Bapitst are not Anabaptists in any stretch of the imagination, and the Anabaptists, dating back to the very first one (Acts 19:1-6) have to date, been "forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia" (Acts 16:6). Nevertheless, under the blessing and direction of God Almighty, through the never ending work of the Holy Spirit of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ and open air evangelism as broken upon the country of Myanmar. Hre Ling National Bishop of Myanmar The Anabaptists Churches of Myanmar On May 24, 2009, the Anabaptists saints of Yangon held their Inauguration Services of the Anabpaptists Churches of Myanmar, with ministers and Christians joining in much prayer, singing and preaching as they dedicated themselves and their churches to the cause of Jesus Christ as Anabaptists for all eternity.

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