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For this purpose, INS introduced the Alien Registration Form AR-2, a form individually stamped with a unique personal identifier, the Alien Registration Number ("A-number").

The Alien Registration Program registered over 5.6 million aliens between August 1, 1940 and March 31, 1944, when the AR-2 records series closed.

The Alien Registration Program was a World War II-era national security measure ordered by the original Alien Registration Act of 1940.

It wasn't until 1959 that radio-based SETI started to be taken seriously.

In that year, Giuseppe Cocconi and Philip Morrison showed that radar transmitters of the time were already powerful enough to send signals many light years through space.

For many others, the AR-2 Form may be their only other immigration record after their initial immigration arrival record. Researchers must remember that not all registrants provided all information.

The 1940 Alien Registration Act required all aliens (non-US citizens) within and entering the United States to register. Data generated from the 1940 registration indicates the majority of registrants were born between 18. - Identifying the correct individual's AR-2 can be difficult.

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