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Visas are non-transferable, but may be extended once for an additional 30 days without you having to leave Indonesia.

The period of your stay is calculated from the day you arrive. You'll be fined for each additional day you stay in Indonesia beyond your visa.

Since January 2016, a number of threats have been received by Indonesian authorities from groups purporting to be planning attacks, including in Bali.

The terrorist threat level in Indonesia remains high.

If you breach Indonesian immigration regulations, you can be fined, jailed, deported or banned from re-entry.

If you have a criminal record, Indonesian immigration staff may refuse you entry to Indonesia, regardless of how long ago the offence took place.

Attacks could occur anywhere, anytime, including at locations frequented by Westerners.

Example: On 14 January 2016, terrorists attacked a Starbucks Cafe and police post in Central Jakarta, detonating bombs and exchanging gunfire.

Carry copies of a recent passport photo in case you need a replacement passport while overseas.

Contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Indonesia for up-to-date information.

You can't work in Indonesia unless your have the appropriate visa.

Reconsider your need to travel to Central Sulawesi where there are ongoing security operations by Indonesian authorities against terrorist groups and where terrorist groups have conducted recent attacks targeting civilians.

Examples: January 2015, terrorist groups in Poso exchanged gunfire with security forces; April 2015, two policemen were killed by terrorists; August 2015, a policeman was killed in an exchange of gunfire with terrorists; September 2015, two civilians were killed by terrorists in Parigi Moutong Regency. More information: Terrorist threat worldwide Political rallies, protests and demonstrations occur regularly and can turn violent with little notice. Maintain a high level of vigilance and security awareness.

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