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He became widely referred to in fandom as Papa Ackles, a name Jared Padalecki reportedly called him faninohio on TWOP during his attendance at A Few Good Men in 2007.

On May 15, 2010 Jensen married actress Danneel Harris.

Jensen attended Dartmouth Elementary School until 1990, Apollo Junior High School until 1993 and graduated from Lloyd V.

Berkner High School in his hometown Richardson, Texas in 1996.

As happened in season six, the episode was the first one shot for the season, to allow Jensen time to prepare, but the second one to air.His acting was so well received by both audiences and producers that he returned in season 2 of Dark Angel as the regular character Alec/X5-494, Ben's clone.As Alec, Jensen stayed on the show until its demise in 2002.Jensen is shown to have a luxurious trailer on the set of the show that contains a toy helicopter and large aquarium.Apparently, he is not close with Jared Padalecki and likes to tease Genevieve Padalecki by calling her Ruby.

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As in previous years, it was the first episode of the season to be filmed, but the third to air.

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