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Children were not supposed to be Catholic, Jewish or Muslim, they should become "pioneers" at 10 years of age and "comsomolets" at 14.

Children were not entirely sure what religion was, and their parents were often atheists (or at least hid their religious beliefs), as the Communist Party destroyed the places of worship and hunted for believers.

Pioneers were required to tie the scarf in a certain way; otherwise, one could be punished!

I remember you had to wait to be home before removing the scarf, and those who were eager to remove it right after school were threatened with expulsion!!

It is with some emotion that I recall the day I was elected the first pioneer in my class, during an official ceremony, I was very proud.The parents took care to attach the key to a string that the child wore around his neck in order not to lose it when he played.At the age of six, girls started buying bread and milk on their own and helping out with household chores while the parents were at work. This was the era of communism and the Soviet Union.Starting at 6 years old, parents generally left their children to care for themselves while they were at work.Parents left them the keys of the apartment so they could go in and out as they wanted.

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Everyone had to be an atheist and had to fully adhere to the Communist system to become Comsomolets (“cosmomolets” were entitled to a sort of "identity card”).

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