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Smell, vision and taste all help the newborn to detect and find the breast.Auditory inputs and touch make her comfortable and help to create a suitable environment.The starting position for the ' Breast Crawl' has been specified by Varendi et al (1994, 1996) i.e.nose in the midline of the mother's chest, eyes at the level of the nipples.The data presented illustrates the importance of maternal odours for newborn infants.Aside from guiding a neonate's overt behavioural responses, such olfactory stimuli also appear to have a calming effect on the infant and provide a basis for early individual recognition of the mother.

With all these innate programmes, the infant seems to come into life carrying a small computer chip with the set of instructions.

About 90 percent of all women in Poland are named Magda, Ola, Anna, Dorota, or Kasia. Flower-selling is an immensely profitable and stable business in Poland. I’m not even mentioning Valentine’s Day; that’s so obvious that you entirely deserve to lose a testicle if you forget it in Poland. She is a a princess Polish girls are brought up in the tradition of old-fashioned chivalry and deference to the ‘weaker sex.’ That means YOU carry the bags, open the door, mend things, make tea in the morning, escort her to the bus stop etc. Walking is impossible Part of the chivalry thing mentioned above is the expectation that whenever you are walking somewhere together she should have her arm looped through yours.

There are flower sellers everywhere and, until recently, they were about the only businesses that stayed open on a Sunday. When a little exasperated by this I often point out to my girlfriend that she’s being a ‘bit of a princess’ to which she usually smiles and flutters her eyelids in complete ignorance of the negative connotations of the phrase in British and American English. Down narrow and crowded streets this makes progress painfully slow.

Later Varendi et al (1996) showed that within the first hour after birth, significantly more babies spontaneously selected a breast treated with amniotic fluid than the alternative untreated breast.

This attraction appears to be based on olfactory cues.

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